The NFC gives out annual awards recognizing achievement. Gold, Silver and Bronze program awards are given for overall season success. The “Best in the Northwest” honors students in platform, short prep, interp and in all forms of debate. All-Conference recognition salutes season-long success by individual students.

NFC AWARDS 2020-2021
NFC Awards 2020-2021

NFC AWARDS 2019-2020
2019-2020 NFC Awards

NFC AWARDS 2018-2019
18-19 NFC Awards
18-19 NFC Best of Northwest & All Conference

NFC AWARDS 2017-2018
nfc awards 2017-2018“>18-19 NFC Awards

NFC AWARDS 2016-2017
16-17 NFC Awards
16-17 NFC Best of Northwest & All Conference

NFC AWARDS 2015-2016
15-16 NFC Awards Summary
15-16 NFC All Conference Awards
15-16 NFC Presidential Debate Awards
15-16 NFC Presidential IE Awards

Best in Northwest: By Genre 2017-2018pdfBN

NFC all conference 2017-2018pdfBN

Northwest National Awards: 2017-2018

A Judge Educator Award is also presented yearly to coaches who their through ballots and through their mentoring improve all students, not just those on their own teams.

In February 2019, the Judge Educator award was awarded to Letha Quinn of Northwest Nazarene University.

NFC Sweepstakes History July 22nd 2019


Previous Years…

Sweepstakes Awards Judge Educator Award Recipient All Conference/Best in NW
18-19 NFC Awards Letha Quinn 2018-2019 Awards
17-18 NFC Awards Jennifer Conner NFC
16-17 NFC Awards Brooke Adamson NFC
15-16 NFC Awards Dan Broyles NFC
14-15 NFC Awards Ron Price NFC
13-14 NFC Awards NFC
12-13 NFC Awards NFC
11-12 NFC Awards Thomas Schally, Steve Woods NFC
10-11 NFC Awards Jackson Miller, Mark Porrovecchio NFC
09-10 NFC Awards NFC
08-09 NFC Awards NFC
07-08 NFC Awards Mack Sermon, Jeff Stoppenhagen NFC
06-07 NFC Awards Kyle Hunsicker, Korrey Harvey NFC
05-06 NFC Awards Christi Siver, Dennis Waller, Dave Kosloski NFC
04-05 NFC Awards Gary Gillespie NFC
03-04 NFC Awards NFC
02-03 NFC Awards Mike Dugaw NFC
01-02 NFC Awards NFC
00-01 NFC Awards Chris Bragg, Tiffany Seeley NFC
99-00 NFC Awards Sam Mathies NFC
98-99 NFC Awards NFC
97-98 NFC Awards Brent Northup NFC
96-97 NFC Awards Tom Worthen, Mike Ingram NFC